Occasional Wraps started with the realization that there is no gift wrap for all of the wonderful ethnic and cultural holidays celebrated annually. If you have ever looked through a display case of personalized keychains to never find your name, we're here for you (we're here for you even if you did find your name).

While we were at it, we thought we might as well rethink the whole process around gift wrap too. That is why we decided to hire a professional artist to design each gift wrap we sell. No more having to choose generically designed wrapping paper or something that could have been designed on your computer's free drawing program. With us there is zero chance that the design next year will look like the design we use this year.

We also wanted to create a product that was special because it isn't available everywhere. So we're limiting the number of rolls available for sale. If you don't order by the deadline, you won't be able to buy any of this limited edition wrapping paper because we won't be stocking at your local big box retailer.

Another thing we hate is wrapping paper that is too thin or has glitter on it that gets everywhere when wrapping, and unwrapping, the gift. We pledge to you to never have glitter on our wrapping paper and giving you a high quality product that is easy to recycle (paper with glitter isn't as easily recyclable).

Finally, have you ever wondered if your purchases for the holidays were actually doing any good in the world? In our case, a portion of profits are shared with the designing artist and a charity aimed at supporting the country of origin of the holiday we're celebrating.

With all of that, we hope that you decide to purchase one or more rolls of wrapping paper from us. If you do, thank you for helping support a startup looking to do better, be better, and give back better to the world.


Many thanks,

Sanjay & Tanvi Parekh