Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Occasional Wraps?

Sanjay and Tanvi Parekh are the founders of Occasional Wraps. After having discussed the lack of engagement by mainstream retail for the needs and desires of culturally diverse communities, we decided to launch a company to solve one part of this issue and in the process, help uplift artists and communities.

Why should I buy from Occasional Wraps?

We launched Occasional Wraps to provide products to people whose cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds are ignored by the mainstream retail market. We believe all holidays should be celebrated. At the same time, we believe that we should support local artists and provide charitable assistance to the countries from where these holidays originate. If that resonates with you, please buy one (or more!) of our products, and help us on our mission as we start from one holiday and move to many others.

Can I buy Occasional Wraps products at [my local retailer]?

Given that we're a startup, we don't (yet!) have the scale to do distribution into retailers. We absolutely hope to change this in the future so we can inform, educate, and celebrate all of the wonderful holidays with a wider audience. For now, our site is the only place where you can buy our products and get them delivered directly to you.

What is your return policy?

As a small, early-stage startup we are unfortunately unable to accept returns of our product. All of our products are produced on demand once ordered and we don't have the ability to accept returns and reuse unwanted orders. If your product is damaged in transit, please contact us and we'll figure out the best way to make you ecstatic about your order.

How quickly will I get my order?

We've worked hard to optimize our manufacturing process for time and cost. As soon as you submit your order, our partners will begin producing your order and we hope to have your order delivered to you within ten business days.

What do you mean when you say this product is limited edition?

One of the irritating things (for us) with wrapping paper is that everyone seems to have the same wrapping paper with the same design. Ubiquity and uniformity leads to reduced costs but at the cost of beauty and creativity. This is why we've hired an artist to design our wrapping paper. On top of that, we're only going to sell this design one time. It will be a limited edition to the number of orders we receive during the current season for that wrap. We would give you a number of maximum rolls we will print, but we don't know what that number is. We hope to sell a lot because that means we'll be able to donate more to charity and give the artist more to support their career. The design we sell this time will never be produced or manufactured ever again.

Can I suggest a cultural holiday for you to support?

Absolutely! Our plan is to add team members who have a family connection to cultures whose holidays we wish to support. We don't pretend to know and understand the nuances of holidays from other cultures, but we look forward to learning about them as we develop products to celebrate them. Please send us an email with a suggestion on which holiday we should support next.